Hey Vending Business Owner,

My name is Chris Tomasso and I'm here to talk about getting more traffic to your website.

The internet is a great way to get customers. It's a no-brainer to create a website to get new accounts. Your website is like a big vending machine and instead of dispensing snacks and soda, it dispenses free information about your business and gives hungry customers someone to call.

You have a website. You registered the name, wrote a little bit about your company, and sat back and waited for the phone to start ringing.

But, what if it didn't start ringing? You have to figure out what's wrong. Do you really have the time to figure this out? What if that unhappy customer calls? Are you going to fix the problem on your pesky web site or are you going to take care of your business? So, like anyone would, you put your site on the backburner for now.

If you have a little money, you put some into a cool looking design. Your site has a professional logo and it's easy to get around. It's got vibrant pictures of happy people and clean, sharp vending machines. This site looks slick!

But the phone still doesn't ring! Geez, does this thing even work? You go back to pounding the pavement to get new business. Finally, someone calls months later, and, filling up your tank to go another cold sales call, you say, "Wait, what website? Oh yeah, that thing I pay for every month because everyone says I should that isn't actually doing anything!?"

Look, you don't have time to mess around with all the technical stuff of running a website, but I can help you. Right now your website is like a sandwich board for your business sitting on the sidewalk. It gets the job done. It lets people know you are there. But what if, instead, your website had a big marquee that people could see for miles around? What if you could use your website as the way to grow your business?

What do I do?

Put simply, I offer everything from tweaks to the text on your pages to total web-site redesigns to make your website more attractive to customers. I turn that sandwich board on the corner into a big flashy sign that customers can't miss.

What's in it for you?

Make more money.

More customers coming to your website means more accounts and more cash in your pocket.

Save time advertising.

The internet is the cheapest form of advertising. Once set up, customers will find you 24/7. You can focus on other parts of your business that need your attention, like giving great customer service.

Avert disaster.

Ok maybe not disaster, but the web is quickly becoming the place where people do business. Your website is their first impression. A good, not just good-looking, website is the only way to stop them from going to the other guy.

What services do I offer?

Keyword research.

Customers find you by using a search engine like Google. The words they enter are called keywords. These keywords are then matched to millions of potential websites. If this seems too technical, think of keywords like questions that your potential customers are asking. Vending is an example of a keyword. The potential question then could be, "What is vending?" or, "How much does a vending service cost?" Customers usually look for specific questions in search engines. After all, if you want to find a movie to see nearby, you don't search for "movies", since the results returned are too broad. Instead you might narrow your search and look for, "movie times in Campbell, CA." Now you get the information that you find relevant.

Your customers are looking for what is relevant to their needs too. They are probably looking for something more like "Vending services in my city."

Makes sense right? But how do you actually find these keywords? How do you know what people are searching for? As in, where do you put your sign and what do you put on it?

If you want to do this yourself, check out google’s free keyword tool. This will give you a good idea of the kinds of keywords people are searching for and the traffic potential of each. You'll need a google account to login to use it. What it won’t do is tell you how difficult it will be to rank keywords or how to link sets of keywords together in an overall plan.

Rank for keywords? Oh yeah, everyone in your industry is competing to be matched to the same keywords that the most people are searching for. When you google anything, you only see 10 links on the first page. Just like the Yellow pages, if you aren't in the first 10 listings, then your customer isn't going to see you. Unlike the Yellow pages, these listings aren't alphabetical. It's harsh, but it's the truth.

I can give you the competitive keywords that will make your site rise above the rest. Not only that, but I can tell you how easy it will be to compete with other similar websites and what to do to get customers to buy from you.

You receive: A spreadsheet of at least 25 keywords that will boost your ranking, along with my recommendations for which you need to focus on. My goal is to take the headache out of dealing with all this so you can just answer that phone and get more happy customers.

Traffic strategy.

No, I don't tell you which highways to avoid to beat road construction. Traffic strategy is how you take what you learn from keyword research and apply it to your website. Depending on your business goals and what you've learned so far, I will put together a plan of attack of how to beat the competition and rank higher. My goal here is to get you to the top of the listings for your keywords.

Do I need to do keyword research in order to do this? No, you don't need to, but just like doing research on your customers at location in order to sell them the products they want, it makes it much much easier.

You receive: My analysis of your current website, and my recommendations of at least three actions you can take to make your website loud and clear to potential customers.

Virtual Relationship Building.

Like in vending, beating the competition requires good relationships with others. Virtual relationship building is a method for getting endorsements from other related and reputable websites to come to your web page, which creates esteem in the eyes of a search engine. You might be thinking that this sounds like it's dishonest. Other people who offer similar services are, but my emphasis is on building connections with other websites in an organic way that creates a win win scenario for both of you. This, in turn, increases your ranking for specific keywords.

You receive: A list of websites and how to get high quality endorsements from each to increase your keyword ranking and visibility to people who want you as their vendor.

Monetization analysis.

The internet is just like a virtual vending machine. You may decide that you want to create an additional income stream online once you have traffic flowing to your website. There are many ways to go about supplementing the income from your vending business using your web presence, depending on your business goals. I can walk you through it.

You receive: A 20 minute phone call with me to talk about your business strategy, and a monetization strategy PDF showing at least three action steps to increase your virtual vending income streams.

Content creation.

Once you know what to do, you might need to create more content on your site to really stand out. This may include web pages, articles, or videos. I specialize in web pages and articles, but Vending How also offers video creation as well.

As a general rule, good content:

  • Uses the right keywords to make search engines happy.
  • Is pleasing to read and clear for the customer.
  • Links to your most relevant income stream so it can increase your bottom line.

You receive: Traffic grabbing web copy and articles, like those on Vending How but tailored to your business. These are the real key in bringing the floodgates of customers.

Traffic management.

If you already have a good content plan and have begun virtual relationship building, you’ll need to continually monitor the market as keywords increase or decrease in effectiveness over time. Just as a brand of chips or soda will fall out of favor with customers, so too will certain ways of searching. By investing in my monthly traffic management service, I will monitor traffic to your site and give you weekly updates on how to continually get more out of your web presence. The way for people to find you on the internet is constantly evolving, so safeguard your future success.

Which service is right for your business?

There are so many different ways to run a vending business, so I offer a custom service based on your business' wants and needs. If you’d like to know more, contact me for a free initial consultation.

Here's to your success in the business,

Chris Tomasso