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Vending How was created to help you compete with the big guys, get more time for your family, and live life on your own terms. We provide help in running your business no matter your size or ambition.

Hey, I'm Robert Cornelius, the consultant for Vending How (and star of the VH videos). I didn't have much experience with... well, I'll let someone else tell you:

Robert Cornelius readily admits he knew practically nothing about vending when he bought a vending business...

Had he known at the time how hard the vending business is, he might have looked for something else. He hates to admit...

Nevertheless, Cornelius has been able to build his company, Custom Touch Vending LLC, into a profitable operation, having more than tripled the size of the original business.

In the eight years Cornelius has been in the vending business, he has proven that a committed entrepreneur can still make it in vending.

from the Vending Market Watch cover story *

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