You and your company are unique, including the strengths you have and the challenges you face. We can help the established vendor achieve more of want they want or guide the new vendor to success and keep them from becoming one of the 80% who never make it. We offer consultation and training tailored to meet your company's specific needs including:

  • Sales Training
  • Business Evaluation
  • Strategies for Lower Cost of Goods
  • Locating New Accounts
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Using a Financial Statement as a Management Tool
  • Increasing Referrals
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Reducing Hours While Increasing Production
  • Valuation of Accounts for Selling/Buying
  • Maximizing Profits per Location
  • Employee Management
  • Collecting from a Delinquent Customer
  • Setting up a Delivery Vehicle for Maximum Efficiency
  • Learning to Handle Complaints
  • Warehouse Setup
  • Inventory/Ordering Systems
  • Retirement/Exit Strategies

Please contact Robert and let us know how we can help.