Yes, you can make money in vending. No it is not a get rick quick scheme. Like everything worthwhile in life, running a vending business takes time, effort, money, patience, and skillful planning. Generally speaking, vending operators fall into one of three categories. They are trying to supplement their retirement income, working their vending business part-time in addition to a full-time job, or they have grown their vending business into a full-time operation. No matter where you may fall, there is money to be made if you plan sensibly, and do your homework before jumping into it.

Unfortunately there are many companies out there that are marketing vending as a quick and easy way to make passive income. They will provide you with a nice steak dinner and show you mathematically and graphically how fast you can recoup your investment and be on the road to making thousands of dollars and living the good life. Typically these companies provide a turn key business plan so you don’t have to do anything except pony up the cash. They will sell you the machines, warranty them for one year, find you worthless locations, and teach you the basic skills necessary to run the business.

However the cost for this turn-key vending operation is exorbitant and the services provided turn out to be very unprofessional and unethical. I have seen too many people get ripped off by these companies. Truth be told, there is no secret to owning and running a successful vending business. There are plenty of resources available to help you gain the knowledge necessary to succeed in the vending business. The number one thing I recommend to folks interested in starting or growing their vending business is to buy their machines at an affordable price. You want to be able to pay off the machine within one year. If you are paying for a 5 year warranty, a locator, and a business coach, there’s a pretty good chance you are paying too much and you won’t be able to recoup your costs within one year.

Yes you can make a fine income in the vending business but it is not something you obtain overnight. It takes good locations, quality machines and smart planning.

This article was contributed from The Discount Vending Store, which sells new and used vending machines.


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